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We would like to extend a special thank you to individuals and business who have contributed to the success of this project.  Without your enduring support and  encouragement, the reality of the Custom Harvest Tribute 2004 would not be.  I am truly thankful to you now and always.


Auto Trim Designs
Gary Strange
B & D Truck Parts
Ralph Schnuelle
Telephone: 402-426-5550
P.O Box 226
West Highway 30
Blair, NE 68008

Howard's, Inc.
Jerry Howard
Telephone: 501-945-0039
Mount Hope, KS

United States Custom Harvester, Inc.
Dave Hermesche
Jada Hoffman
Telephone: 620-664-6297
1600 North Lorraine Street, Suite 204
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

Drives, Inc.
Lanny Leppo
Telephone: 815-589-2211
901 19th Avenue
Fulton, IL 61252

Lynda Chamberlain, Texas
Massey Ferguson Harvesting Products - 
Tom Draper
Nebraska Land Tire - Goodyear 
Philadelphia Indemnity
Edgar Peck
RDC Body Shop 
Rod Christianson
Rustad Implement
Rustad Family
Sapp Brothers Truck Stops, Inc.
John W. Hoffert - "former custom operator"
U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. 
Dave Hermesch
Jada Hoffman
Wood Parts
David Kuhr

The family for all the love, support and encouragement...

Bruce for the music and images that are inspiring.

Lynda and Chuck for the documentation that has helped me share the dream.

Julie and Cory for making it possible for the world to see.

Shelly and Tim for making the calls to get it all going.

Allyn and Kelli for your support and assistance with advertising.

Pat, my wife, for giving me the love, support and freedom to persue this dream.

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