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Written by: Bruce Holo for Custom Harvest Tribute.
This song and lyrics are owned by Bruce Holo and cannot be used without express written consent from said party.
All rights reserved. 2002

In this land, rich in soil
Man will strive, man will toil
To plant the seed, watch it grow
Feed the world, then he'll know
That God's own hand, played a part
In His word, in His heart

The harvest of life can be found
In the heart of America
The harvest of truth must be shown
Through th heart of America
The harvest of love will begin
At the heart of America

God bless our home
God bless our home

The harvest moon, shines so bright
With the stars through the night
A farmer's sweat, and calloused hands
Bear the fruit of this land
On God we lean, in God we trust
To keep the faith, we know we must



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