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Below is the remainder of the route for the Custom Harvest Tribute Tour 2004.
Dates and Locations are subject to change without notification.
Where We've Been So Far Dates We Were There
Started in Langdon, North Dakota May 10, 2004
Valley City, North Dakota May 11, 2004
Yankton, South Dakota (Massey Ferguson) May 12, 2004
Neligh, Nebraska May 12, 2004
Omaha, Nebraska May 13-14, 2004
Falls City, Nebraska (Massey Ferguson) May 14, 2004
Topeka, Kansas (Farm Collectors Magazine) May 15-16, 2004
Mt Hope, Kansas (Massey Ferguson) May 17, 2004
Witchita, Kansas (Goodyear) May 18, 2004
Enid, Kansas (Massey Ferguson) May 18, 2004
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 19, 2004
Cordell, Oklahoma (Massey Ferguson) May 20, 2004
Vernon, Oklahoma (Massey Ferguson) May 21-31, 2004
Tulia and Amarillo, Texas May 21-31, 2004
Lawton, Oklahoma June 2, 2004
Boise City and Guymon, Oklahoma June 11-17, 2004
Dodge City, Hays, Garden City and Colby, Kansas
(Massey Ferguson and Goodyear)
June 19-26, 2004
Goodland, Kansas
June 19-26, 2004
North Platte, Nebraska (Goodyear) July 17-20, 2004
Valentine, Nebraska July 17-20, 2004
Kadoka, South Dakota (Massey Ferguson) July 21, 2004
Pierre, South Dakota (Massey Ferguson) July 21-26, 2004
Mandan, North Dakota (Massey Ferguson) July 28, 2004
Jamestown and Bismarck, North Dakota July 30, 2004
Minot, North Dakota (Massey Ferguson) August 1-3, 2004
Devils Lake, North Dakota August 5, 2004

Langdon, North Dakota
(End of the Tour)

August 7-15, 2004