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Vater Implement - Enid, OK
George Traynor
Misener Family Harvester - Elk City, OK
Ron Misener
James Brothers Implement - Plainview, TX
Jerry James
Ronnie Shannon
Swisher Electric Co-op - Tulia, TX
The stop in Tulia was great - many wonderful and warm people. 
Thanks to the many Tulia organizations and clubs that invited me to speak at their meetings and gatherings.
Reinke Farm/City Service - Neligh, NE
Eldean Reinke
Mike Wells
Schmodes, Inc - Norfolk, NE
Larry Brudigan and team
(who provided help when the fuel pump went out on the truck)
Merz Farm Equipment - Falls City, NE
Bruce Merz and many thanks to many people
Howards, Inc. - Mt Hope, KS
Jerry Howard and many thanks to many people
Guyman Tire - Guyman, OK
Chuck Chapman, owner
Hugoton, KS
This stop wasn't originally on the schedule.  I was invited here by Mr. Greg Morris. Met with Kansas Senator Steve Morris, who cut some grain with me.  This was also a great stop on the journey.  Many warm and wonderful people.
Garden City Farm Equipment - Garden City, KS
Todd Hopkins
Louis Nusser
Kansasland Tire - Garden City, KS
Wally Hamonn
Judy Horsch and her brother, Joe tucker III as well as the grandchildren of Mr. Joe Tucker, who was Vice President of Massey Harris in 1944.
Mr. and Mrs. David Morrison - Port Deposit, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Fisher - Walseka, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lawrence - Budgton, MO
John Bush - Columbus, IN
Alan VanNahmen - Columbus, IN
Massey Collectors Association
Friends of Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Don Sarchet, Tulia, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ferguson, Tulia, TX
Mr. Huston Simmons, Tulia, TX
Mr. Warren Bell, Tulia, TX
Mr. Curt Rain of Hitch Farms, Guymon, OK
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson - Kenton, OK
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Morris - Hugoton, KS
Senator and Mrs. Steve Morris, Hugoton, KS
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bridgeman, Garden City, KS
Dr. Merle D Witt, PhD, Kansas State University, Garden City, KS