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Article: Harvesting a Field of Dreams
Article: Topeka Capitol Journal Article
USCHI Magazine Article 1
USCHI Magazine Article II
USCHI Magazine Article III
USCHI Magazine Artcile IV
Simmons Classic - Tulia, TX
Garden City Farm Equipment - Garden City, KS
Louis Nusser
Kansasland Goodyear - Garden City, KS
Wally Hamann
Kansasland Goodyear - Hays, KS
Mark Schnieder
Hays Daily News - Hays, KS
Lang Diesel, Inc. - Colby, KS
Van Toon
Eyewitness News 10 - Colby, KS
Tom Cook
Colby Free Press - Colby, KS
Kevin Craenow and Family - Gibbon, NE
Thank you for your hospitality
Schuster Implement, Inc. - Gibbon, NE
Vern and Roger Schuster
The Gibbon Reporter - Gibbon, NE
Dennis Walker
KRVN Radio - Gibbon, NE
Joe Gangwish
J-6, Inc. - Gibbon, NE
David Spencer.  Thanks for letting us cut your wheat.
Butte Implement Co, Inc. - Butte, NE
Joe Schulte
Lynn Standy - Platte, SD
Thank you for allowing us to cut wheat in your field.
Platte Implement Co. - Platte, SD
Keith and Gale Anderson
The Platte Enterprise - Platte, SD
Edwin H. Piskule - Kimball, SD
KWAT - Watertown, SD
Jim Thoreson
AGCO - Watertown, SD
Loel Diggs
The Public Opinion - Watertown, SD
Terry O'Keefe
The Tri-State Neighbor - Watertown, SD
Wendy Sweeter
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Jacobson - Watertown, SD
Gordy Vosberg - Wyndmere, ND
Daily News - Wahpeton, ND
Wendy Reuer
Heritage Days - East Grand Forks, MN
Norman Vanderpan and everyone responsible for Heritage Days
Grand Forks Herald - Grand Forks, ND
Rona Johnson
Duane and Janet Lee - Grand Forks, ND/East Grand Forks, MN
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Winterroth and Devon - Grafton, ND
Chris Thompson - Grafton, ND
Thank you for allowing us to cut some wheat.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dusek - Grafton, ND
Wells Fargo Bank - Grafton, ND
Jim Dusek
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dusek, Kaitlyn and Timmy - Atlanta, GA 
(Len's daughter, her husband, and the grandkids.)
Hills, Inc. - Grafton, ND
Scott, Mike and Dave
Helmina Holo (Len's aunt) - Langdon, ND
Helen Holo (Len's aunt) - Langdon, ND
Kevin Stein - Langdon, ND
Kim Johnson (Len's cousin) - Twin Cities, MN
Kevin Johnson (Len's cousin) - Twin Cities, MN
Cavalier County Republican - Langdon, ND
Sharon Lundgren
Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Show - Le Sueur, MN
Featuring - Massey Expo of North American hosted by Massey Collectors Association and Pioneer Power
Roger Goodrich and all the Massey Collectors - Le Sueur, MN
Officers and Directors of Pioneer Power - Le Sueur, MN
Glenn Holicky - Le Sueur, MN